Welcome to C L C Laboratory of Coolness

The CLC Laboratory of Coolness is where side projects, geeky developerish type stuff, and pretty much anything else which doesn't belong on either the FIre Vox or CLiCk, Speak pages will be put. Unless stated otherwise, everything here is released under the GNU GPL 2. This section of CLC World is run by Andy.

CLC Dandelion

A web-based Daisy player

Accessible AJAX WAI-ARIA Live Region Test Cases

These are a set of test cases that use WAI-ARIA Live Region markup. The test cases were funded by a grant from the Mozilla Foundation.

CLC Start Menu for the Mozilla Live Access CD 2007 Edition

Source code for the version of the CLC Start Menu that was included with the Mozilla Live Access CD given out at CSUN 2007. I am working on a much cleaner, more flexible version with more functionality; however, the source for the CSUN 2007 version has been posted because of interest from the Mozilla community.

CLC LISA - Lightweight, Internet Served Accessibility

CLC Lightweight, Internet Served Accessibility is a project that aims to create a talking browser that is delivered to the user as a web page. There is no application or extension to install; the user simply goes to the CLC LISA web page and is able to use its functions immediately. This is currently only a proof-of-concept implementation.

CLC STAR - Stylesheet Tweaker for Accessibility and Readability

CLC STAR allows users to easily setup preferences for how they want pages presented to them in Firefox. Features include: enlarging images, increasing font size, changing font style (bold and san serif), changing font and background color, enhancing the focus indicator, increasing line spacing,increasing word spacing, disabling stylesheets, and disabling background images.

More projects to come - watch this space...